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FAQ - Model Agency Cologne


What does a model agency do?

A model agency is a service company that places models with clients for various projects. On the one hand, our Cologne model agency maintains a comprehensive database of male and female models from Cologne by checking model applications, providing tips for optimising sedcards, organising test shoots and advising models on questions. On the other hand, this gives us the opportunity to suggest exactly the right models to our clients for various project requests and to place them in model jobs.

Why do I need a modelling agency?

Young or inexperienced models in particular need a modelling agency that supports them in their career entry, helps them build up a meaningful sedcard, finds them their first jobs and, above all, protects them from dubious clients, gagging contracts or other pitfalls of the modelling business. But experienced models also apply to our Cologne model agency in order to save themselves the effort of ongoing client acquisition or the organisation of projects.

Which model agency suits me?

If you are looking for a suitable model agency, you should consider a few things: First of all, model agencies often address very different target groups. Some, for example, specialise only in best agers or plus-size models, while others, like our Cologne model agency, maintain a diverse roster with very different characters. Here, of course, model type and agency have to match. In addition, it is best for an agency to always accept online applications or otherwise be located near one's home so that one can save long journeys. Speaking of applications: Both the application and the acceptance into a model agency should always be free of charge! We strongly advise against agencies that claim otherwise.
Last but not least, we recommend listening to your gut feeling: A visit to the website or on site as well as telephone or personal contact with the agency often give a good first impression of whether a good cooperation is possible.

Does the model agency have to be nearby?

No, if an agency offers online applications, you can apply there as a model even if it is not near you. At the-models, for example, we are not only represented as a model agency in Cologne, but all over Germany.

Which model agency is reputable?

If you are looking for a reputable modelling agency, there are a few points to start with.

  • A reputable model agency costs nothing
    It neither charges an admission fee nor a monthly fee for keeping a sedcard in the model file. If a model agency also tries to sell expensive courses for learning to walk or similar right at the beginning, this is a clear warning signal
  • No false promises are made
    Hand on heart: there are no born top models. Even the biggest stars in the industry had to work hard for their careers – some less than others. So if a high order situation or even international success is guaranteed from the start, that is absolutely unserious.
  • The website is well maintained and complete
    . Serious model agencies put a lot of love into their internet presence. A professional website therefore has high-quality pictures and videos, various sedcards as well as a complete imprint including contact details. If, on the other hand, the site is incomplete and grubby – Hands off!
  • Online reviews are predominantly positive
    Finally, it is always worth taking a look at the Google or social media reviews of a model agency. Are they predominantly positive? And how does the company react to critical reviews? Professionally, indignantly or simply not at all? However, online reviews should also be treated with caution – they can easily be „faked“.


Does the application cost anything?

No! A professional modelling agency does not require its models to pay an admission fee or a monthly management fee for the file.

Do I have to register a business as a model?

As soon as you take on modelling jobs, it is advantageous for you to register a small business. Alternatively, you can simply have your work accounted for on your income tax card.

How to apply to a model agency?

You can easily apply to our Cologne model agency here online. All you need to have ready is some time, a tape measure and at least one digital portrait photo and one full-body photo. Most model agencies now offer online applications, but there are also some agencies that would like to see a model in person first.

When will the model agency contact you?

After receiving your application, it usually takes 5-10 days for our Cologne model agency to get back to you. In case of a particularly high number of applicants, it may take a little longer.

Model Jobs

How will I be informed about model jobs?

At the Cologne model agency, you usually receive job enquiries by e-mail. If a project is scheduled at very short notice, we may also try to reach you by phone, SMS or WhatsApp.

Do I have to take every job?

No. Via our the-models model agency Cologne you will receive various job requests by e-mail and can select via buttons whether you are available for the respective model job or not.

How do I get my fee?

If your fee is to be paid via the income tax card, please let us know before the model job so that we can send you all the necessary documents..

If you would like to be invoiced via a trade licence, simply send us an invoice by email after your assignment. You can find a sample invoice here.

Who has to pay for travel and accommodation costs?

the-models model agency Cologne does not cover travel and accommodation costs for your assignment, unless this is explicitly mentioned in the job description.